Case Comments

I will put updates of all the cases I am aware of that is relevant to this area of law, starting right at the end of 2014.

You can search by keyword and there is a chronological list (with a very brief summary) as well.



When writing up a case, in order to make it easier to search, I’ll use the following keywords:

  • Conviction – means there was an appeal against conviction
  • CCRC – a referral by the Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Deportation – the question of deportation was discussed
  • Guilty Plea – an appeal against conviction following a guilty plea
  • s31 – the s31 defence was discussed
  • Sentence – appeal against sentence
  • Passport – a case involving a false passport/ID document
  • s2 – s2 Asylum & Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004
  • Bogus college – a college run wholly or in part to circumvent immigration control
  • Sham marriage – marriage entered into to circumvent immigration control
  • s25 – s25 Immigration Act 1971; facilitating a breach of immigration law







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